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Associate Professor, Department of Accountancy and Law

Associate Director, Research Postgraduate Programme

Research Interests

Corporate Governance, Corporate Scandals, Auditing, Earnings Quality

  • Lin, Kenny Z., Mills, Lillian F., Zhang, F., & Li, Y. (2018). Do Political Connections Weaken Tax Enforcement Effectiveness?. Contemporary Accounting Research, 35(4), 1941-1972.
  • Lin, Z. K., Cheng, S., & Zhang, F. (2017). Corporate Social Responsibility, Institutional Environments, and Tax Avoidance: Evidence from a Subnational Comparison in China. International Journal of Accounting, 52(4), 303-318.
  • Hung, M., Wong, T., & Zhang, F. (2015). The Value of Political Ties versus Market Credibility: Evidence from Corporate Scandals in China. Contemporary Accounting Research, 32(4), 1641 - 1675.
  • Lin, K., Mills, L., & Zhang, F. (2014). Public versus Private Firm Responses to the Tax Rate Reduction in China. Journal of the American Taxation Association, 36(1), 137-163.
  • Chan, K. H., Lin, K. Z., & Zhang, F. (2007). On the Association Between Changes in Corporate Ownership and Changes in Auditor Quality in a Transitional Economy. Journal of International Accounting Research, 6(1).
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